About Wayne Hill


Wayne Hill credits both his heredity and his environment in developing his eye for art. He comes from a family of artists, and has had unique opportunities to learn firsthand from gifted master artists as he sharpened his own artistic skills. 

Born in the Nation's Capital many, many years ago, Wayne began his interest in photography in his grandfather's small darkroom. Two major influences in Wayne’s early years shaped his future: his family’s immersion in art, and his summers in Maine. He learned that the power of art can influence the feelings of people. For most of his youth, Wayne spent each summer at his family’s summer home at Seal Cove, Maine. He roamed the shorelines, waters and forests of Acadia National Park. These childhood experiences imprinted his head and heart with a passion for unspoiled nature. 

His mother was a highly respected fine artist who often painted in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. He learned 4x5 camera technique while working for the Dartmouth College photographer. After graduating from Dartmouth, Wayne spent invaluable time with the revered photographic artist Ansel Adams in California. Adams has remained a powerful influence of Wayne's art. He returned to the Washington area and built his award-winning art business to be nationwide, with headquarters in Virginia. After more than fifty years of intense field work, Wayne knows his craft inside out, yet concentrates on the art side of his world. He tries to photograph the natural world as he would like it to be.

Working near the North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park

Working near the North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park

Working in Yosemite National Park

Working in Yosemite National Park

Working in Antelope Canyon

Working in Antelope Canyon


Wayne became familiar with many of America’s magnificent national parks, investing hundreds of weeks hiking, exploring, and making photographs. This time has made him a lifelong believer in the power of nature to nurture those who are trapped in cubicles on pretty days. He has loved hiking and photographing striking landscapes using heavy large-format equipment. 

 He was privileged to study with the giants of the photographic art world including Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, and David Muench. It is this classical art training and respect for the calming power of nature that guide his art creation. 


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Wayne has loved to “give back” and has served as: 

  • Board member of the National Park Trust

  • President & CEO of Leadership Fairfax, Inc.

  • Life member of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce

  • Director of the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

  • Winner of the Greater Reston Chamber's Small Business of the Year

  • Director of Leadership Fairfax (LFI), and named Member of the Year

  • Co-founder of LFI's Emerging Leaders Institute

  • Director of Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, named a Fellow

  • Director of the Arts Council of Fairfax County

  • Director of the Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE)

  • Adjunct Professor - Art & Visual Technology, George Mason University

  • Advisor to Marshall Academy, named Business Partner of the Year


As an artist, he seeks out and records the beauty in our vanishing landscape. His passion for our unspoiled natural world guides Wayne to bring back the special sensory experience of a place. 

As a fine art advisor, he has brought clients memorable art from many sources, helping them project the right image and enrich their office environment. Wayne has reduced stress for employees—and improved employee retention. He uses art to make offices pleasant for people who often need an antidote to stress or bland interiors. His art advisory consulting has focused on providing interior art to enhance the employee experience, to help clients receive ROI by attracting and retaining great employees. 


  • Fourth-generation Washingtonian

  • Happily married to Weetie Beyer Hill, a respected community leader

  • Parent with four fine children and four photogenic grandchildren

  • Graduate, Dartmouth College (environmental psychology, singing and skiing)

  • Leisure interests include international travel, swing dancing, wine and gourmet cooking, instructing blind skiers, hot air ballooning, classic cars and music of the Great American Songbook

  • Wayne partnered with Dewitt Jones to expand www.HealingImages.Org, which provides wonderful photographic art at our cost - to add color and interest to healthcare walls. This non-profit program has brought comfort to patients and their caregivers - nationwide. Please visit the HealingImages.Org website to learn about this remarkable way that we use our images to help heal many people!

Working on the Road to Hana

Working on the Road to Hana