The Lineup
The Bacardi Home
The Blue Chevy
The Fishing Boat
Dining at the Hotel Nacional
Here Come the Limes
The Orange Chevy
Take a T-Bird in Salmon
Havana Blues
Please Pick the Blue Pontiac!
One Hot Buick!
The Red Imperial
The Red Imperial
The Red Pontiac
The Purple Ford
Spare Tire Heaven
The '57 Chevy
The Red Chrysler Imperial
The verdant Vinales Valley
Elegant Dinner at Xanadu
Table for Two?
The Wine Cellar
Celebrities at the Hotel Nacional
The Hotel Nacional
Hemingway's Path
Elegance in Pastels
Faded glory
Restored Building
The Carriage
Havana Door
Old Havana
The Thunderbird
La Conversacion
Havana Cigar Shop
An Elegant Dinner
Diesel Injection???
The Green Buick
The Blue '59 DeSoto
The Elegant Chrysler Imperial
The Green Chevy
The Red Imperial
The White '52 Ford
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